Kamis, 15 Oktober 2015

Plastic bubble wrap

Bubble wrap
For those of you who work as sellers in the online shop, would you really need this product

bubble wrap
function of bubble wrap:
Bubble wrap to protect and minimize the damage to the package / goods that are Fragile your shipment from scratches or impact during handling by the shipping service.

Examples of some of the uses and applications Plastic Bubble wrap:
- Packaging electronic goods
- Packaging furniture
- Packaging frames / painting / canvas
- Packaging glassware
- Packaging miniature
- Packaging souvenirs
- Packaging accesories
- Packaging spare part
- Packaging lamp and headlamp
- Packaging body vehicle parts
- Coating envelopes for courier delivery
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The following sizes we sell:

- width 1.25 meters
- Length 5 meters

We also sell in the form of a roll
with size
- length of 50 meters
- 1.25 meters wide

If you are interested you can contact us
Cp 081370227362
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